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For Sale & Trade



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You can buy figurines by leaving a comment straight to FB-page under the picture or sending me email.

The price and info of figurine is next to the pictures. Buyer must pay shipping costs. I'll ship sheapest way possible. I accept PayPal (worldwide) and bank transfer with IBAN and BIC (within EU).

I might accept trades also. See my WANTED-list.


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Pack of schnauzers

Limited edition 2014   -   Miniature Schnauzer

1:12, height to shoulders 3cm

Material is polyurethane plastic, which is durable enough to handle those small parts of the figurine. I'll paint each figurine according Your hope, it can be in any color. Each figurine comes with a certificate..

Price: 18,00 € / each

+ Shipping & small paypal fee


Limited edition 2013   -   Bichon Frisé


Size: 1:10 (6x6 cm, sk-3,7cm)

OSC was finished in December 2012. It has metal wire inside and the material is FimoAir -clay. Painted with acrylics.


I made 10 copys of this little boy.  Material is strong plaster and they have been painted with acrylics. Every figurine gets a certificate with it.

Left to sale: 7


Price: 15 € / each

+ Shipping & small paypal fee



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