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New-Ray Toys was founded in 1987 in Hong Kong and it expanded rapidly into a global company with many offices worldwide, among other things, in the USA, Italy, France and Germany. Mainly New-ray produces models of machinery and motor vehicles.

In the late 1980s in New-Ray began to produce hollow plastic dog figurines. The first dogs were a series of New-Ray Novelty. These had a label on the neck, which reads the dog's breed. With newer dogs, there is no label, but the breed and the country of origin reads in the bottom of dog. Therefore, an unofficial designation of "Dogs origin".

New-Ray USA produces a series of dog (in the same series is also a cat) as My Best Friend. Dogs are exact scale models of different breeds (41 different types of dogs). These are sold in packs of 3-4 dogs and part of the packaging contain supplies for dogs.


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My Best Friend - koirat & Muut  "Dogs Origin"




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