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Schleich is a German toy manufacturing company, founded in 1935. The company started its production, however, until the 1950s with cartoon characters as smurffs and the Muppets. Animal figurines became involved only in the late 1970s (Classics). Today Schleich has in it's collection almost everything from fantasy characters to dinosaurs. Schleich figurines are hard plastic and painted by hand. Most of the figurines are made in China and some in Germany, but you can find also other countries like Portugal in the bottom of figurines.

Schleich has been manufacturing dogs since 1965 among the Minis. Then in 1976 Schleich released the Classic series and about same times they introdused the Farm series with some dogs. 1:12 scale dogs were released in 1994. Since 2010 they have produced smaller dogs compatible with horses and other large farm animals.


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